Books and Blooms

A couple other passionate interests of mine lie in reading and plants. I’ve been addicted to both for years but the reading thing started way back in the age. I wasn’t into sports when younger (although I was one heck of a baseball player) or cars (back in the 1960’s friends would buy 1957 Chevy’s for a couple of hundred) so my free time was spent inside of a book. It didn’t much matter what genre but I focused on nature and fantasy/science fiction and in the ’60’s the hot author was Edgar Rice Burroughs. Now my reading interests have morphed and science fiction takes a back seat to pure literature, thriller/mysteries and some fantasy but I’ll read anything. Steig Larsson has gone too soon ( he died of a heart attack in 2004. More on this later)  but the Milennium trilogy he left as his legacy is one of the most phenomenal writings of all time. If you haven’t read them yet run out and buy the first one in the series,  ‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’ and you’ll be slack jaw amazed.  All three of these books are rather long (and outstanding) but if you’d rather not tackle such a huge ladle of words try the Simon Vance audio version…..his reading interpretation is a gift in itself.  I won’t go into any details of the book because it’s been reviewed to death but the reverence that this series holds in the general book loving population is well deserved as is the moniker of  ‘literal phenomenon.’

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